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    I just added an appointment to my calendar and got a message saying "confilicts with another appointment on this calendar". But when I check there are no other appointments on that day. So I delete the appt and try again, same thing. I change the times and I get "adjacent to another appointment on this calendar". Apparently there is something at 12am-2pm I'm not aware of!

    No matter what view I'm looking at the calendar in, day/week/month it does not show anyother appointment on that day.

    How do I correct this? Anyone else having this problem? I'm using OS 214
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    Have you set something else up for that date? For example I have set up a reminder for an entire day - such as vacation day or a birthdate and forgot to mark the time as free. So then when I go in to make an appointment, calendar sees the entire day as "scheduled" and gives me notice that I have a conflict. Going back to the original "appointment" and resetting as time free solves the problem for me.

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