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    Hoping someone knows how to fix either of these issues with the program as I like the idea of a pattern rather then a password to get into my phone.

    First issue and the deal breaker I have is with OS6 and PatterenLock is that you must completely disable the BB password to have it work properly since there is no OS6 option to turn off auto lock. Also with the password enabled after reboot the device is locked and this stops PatternLock from starting up properly and won't work till a reboot is done with the password disabled. I don't want to disable the BB password as this stops anyone from just deleting the application via desktop manager.

    There is also one other security hole and that is on the call screen (incoming call) you can get into the home screen while you are on a call. This isn't as big of an issue for me as number one but would be nice to find a way to fix this too.
    09-21-10 05:19 PM