1. iskortch's Avatar
    I've been using the Pattern Lock LITE app to auto lock my touch-screen on the Torch when the screen dims. I'm pretty happy with the app except the app prevents my AUTO-OFF function from shutting down the phone. When the phone is scheduled to shutdown, the screen turns on to reveal the Pattern Lock screen, but the phone wont shutdown. Any ideas?

    Also tried StormSlider PAID - although it does allow the auto shutdown function, its not 100% compatible with OS6. You cannot get to the options of the app to modify them. Also, it will not auto-activate after the phone has been turned-on for the first time. I assume this is an option -- although I cannot get the options....
    08-22-10 12:33 PM
  2. iskortch's Avatar
    Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts? I recently upgraded to the pay version of Pattern Lock - same issue.
    11-01-10 05:07 PM
  3. branflakes's Avatar
    I have PatternLock, but I don't see an option for auto unlocking when auto shutdown kicks in. You could look at the other options (auto unlock when charger plugged in, etc). Whether another option will work depends on how you're using the phone around the time it's set to shut off.

    It sounds like you need the phone unlocked when shutdown occurs in order to avoid the issue. Not sure if any of the other screen lock apps would give such an option.
    11-01-10 05:46 PM