11-14-10 09:11 PM
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    I bought Patternlock and BerrySlider and have since removed the both and now just use the password lock.

    I assigned my convenience key to the lock so I can lock it instantly like that; or, in most cases, I just press the Lock button and the password lock kicks in after 1 minute.

    I wish there was a file somewhere on the phone that would allow you to change that 1 minute into 1 second.
    11-10-10 09:45 PM
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    Dl a program called tinylock..

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    11-10-10 11:01 PM
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    Something I noticed. If you select lock after a certain amount of time using the built-in password lock option in security settings:

    1. Set at 1 min... works good, except that when you are watching something, it will lock the device even though a video is playing... cool.

    2. Set at like 20min... works good, except it will do as above after 20 minutes.

    3. Set to lock on convenience button... locks only if screen is on. If the screen is off (after LOCK BUTTON press), it will not allow you to lock with the convenience button until you wake it up with the LOCK BUTTON and then press the convenience button.

    What we all need is a password lock on LOCK BUTTON press because the freaking thing has a lock painted on it! Unlock should not be so easy. Why isn't there a setting for an UNLOCK on doubletap, unlock on 2 second HOLD of LOCK BUTTOn, or a password lock on LOCK BUTTON press so that the password is required to fully unlock.

    These all make more sense. The iPhone has had a keypress and a swipe since forever. Sure it's not as cool as our BBs but that feature is air-tight! With the BB Torch, that lock button is pressed so easily, all the freaking time.

    as far as APPS go:

    BerrySlider works sometimes only!
    PatternLock works but is picky with the finger press. Sometimes it doesn't register stuff. Doesn't seem to work after an incoming call (locks right after the call... should be able to change; settings let you change, but it doesnt work).

    Others... will try tiny...
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    This is not new to the Torch or likely to change. How hard is this to understand? This has been covered dozens of times in all the device forums. Anything running OS5 500+ works this way - period.

    Try autolock.
    11-14-10 09:11 PM
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