1. jon.gallant's Avatar
    Had an issue when password lock automatically initiates and when you activate it, when you have a 3rd party app such as swipe lock.
    What was happening: The screen would flash as though it was losing power. I was barely able to enter my password with either the touch screen, or the keyboard. At first i tried a battery pull, but the problem still existed.
    So finally after a few frustrating mins, i was able to enter my password in between the screen flashes. Once my password was entered, there was no issue.
    Just to be sure, i started up password lock again, and the same problem started. So again, I managed to enter my password.
    Upon checking the permission settings, i found "Interactions" to be set to "custom".
    I Had to adjust password lock permission to allow, and not custom for all 3 options ie: Connections, Interactions, User Data.
    Did a battery pull to save the settings and everything is working just fine now.
    Hope this helps if anyone has the same issue.
    10-01-10 09:03 PM
  2. jon.gallant's Avatar
    so, woke up this morning to a flashing screen again. Not exactly sure what the conflict seems to be, but there is still an issue with password lock and third party app.
    10-02-10 12:39 PM
  3. markpaulk's Avatar
    i have the following problem: to have encryption on the device, you need to set a password - I have it set to ask after an hour - but I don't want it to ask for it at all because I'd rather use PatternLock

    anyway to disable this annoyance and just depend on PatternLock whilst maintaining encryption - or do I have to disable the password and thus encryption? ahhh
    10-02-10 01:05 PM
  4. djtrent04101's Avatar
    Had same issue with swipe lock and native password lock. Emailed support who suggested not using native password. That wasn't a good option, so I tried pattern lock and set the pattern to a straight line (a la swipe lock). There is no conflict between pattern lock and native password. Problem solved.

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    10-02-10 01:16 PM