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    Ugh...never knew a BlackBerry could cause so much anxiety! Could someone maybe pass on some advice about the following issues?

    1) I recently switched from my Bold, which I had for 2 years and loved! I did a backup of Bold and Restore on Torch before realizing I should've done a Switch Device...by the time I realized, I had already done a lot with my Torch (added files, ringtones, changed settings, etc.). There's a lot of stuff on the Bold that didn't transfer (photos, ringtones, Documents To Go files, etc.)...what's the best way to get them to my Torch? Is it too late to run the Switch Device option, or would it write over the changes I've done to my Torch?

    2) When I ordered my black Torch on 11/9 through AT&T, the representative told me to call back within the 30 return/exchange period to swap for a white (they didn't have the white when I called). I finally called today and they still don't have the white. I'd really like to get it, but not sure what to do, especially given that I'm already dealing with the above issue and swapping it means I either have to go to an AT&T store (I'm disabled and live in a very rural area, so it's very difficult to get to a store), or return my Torch and go back to using my Bold until I can get one from either AT&T online or Amazon/WireFly (which by the way would save me a whopping $100 if I could order it today!). I really don't know what to do to avoid having to keep switching devices and hoping my data gets transferred... I guess I should just keep the black...but I'm bummed!

    3) When I open the "Files" app on my Torch and go into "File Folders/Device/BlackBerry/app_world/downloads," I have two PINs listed (my Bold and Torch). Why is my Bold PIN listed and how do I remove it? When I open the Bold PIN #, I get a list of apps from my Bold device, most of which don't work and can't be opened anyway...have no idea why these are on here!

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
    11-27-10 09:16 AM
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    The ringtones wont transfer. You will need to use one of the bold 9000 zip files that people have around here to use them. Search around but the process was quite easy. Any other pics and files should be swapped manually since they are stored on the cards in most cases. I simply plugged the new card in separately to my pc and copied them over rather than relying on the DM. As far as apps, you will probably need to re-download most of them from app world to the torch since the version thats on your bold is not what will work on the torch.
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    11-27-10 01:57 PM
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    Hiya Rachel,

    As for getting the white torch if you are still within the month of owning your phone I would return it and wait for a white one to come out... unless you can get in writing that the ATT store will allow you to trade it in when they get a white one even if you are past your month return date.

    I got my Torch from a ATT store and before the month was up I had seen the Torch $140 cheaper next door at Walmart and ended up returning mine to the ATT store and went next door minutes after that and purchased it there. When the ATT store asked why I was returning the phone I told them the honest reason why and they were fine with that (not that they had a choice in the matter) So getting your phone cheaper somewhere else is fine.

    Transferring your files can be done by hooking it up to your computer in mass storage mode and finding your ring tones and saving it to your computer that way then transfer onto the phone when you hook your Torch up to the computer.

    You also have the option of getting different colored phone cases if you are wanting a different color, I don't know just a thought.
    11-27-10 02:26 PM