1. zerocontrast's Avatar
    I recently got a Torch and soon I will be going to school overseas in Australia. I am likely going to use Vodafone in Aus and I am wondering if I should simply unlock the phone or try putting a different version of the OS on it (either one for Vodafone or an unbranded one if available). Any suggestions?

    Also anything else to consider such as issues with service books, App World, etc.?
    01-15-11 09:31 PM
  2. SuperGenius's Avatar
    Personally, I would unlock it.
    01-15-11 10:03 PM
  3. BBThemes's Avatar
    firstly, placing another operators OS on your device wont unlock it.

    secondly id take the unlock route, maybe see if your carrier will unlock it for you, some do because your signed into paying that contract so they dont lose anything anyways (most wont do this while your still inside the return window)

    also if your worried about service books etc, check out this thread
    as it helped me sort mine before all the stuff was sorted for OS6 on my network.
    01-15-11 10:17 PM
  4. ancelot's Avatar
    Unlock it. Nothing to lose.

    I use an AT&T torch unlocked on a UAE carrier.
    01-16-11 12:41 AM
  5. zerocontrast's Avatar
    Thanks for all the information guys. Looks like I'll just need to go with the unlock and leave the software as is.

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    01-17-11 12:52 PM
  6. zerocontrast's Avatar
    well I finally got around to looking over the thread "Unlocked 9800 - Everything works - Instructions" and it sounds like the title is very misleading. A lot of the comments mentioned issues people were having.

    I am seriously wondering if, once I unlock it if it would be better after all for me to install a different carrier's OS on it. Again I'll be going to Australia, and will likely be going on Vodafone, at least at first. Since Vodafone already has the Torch it seems like it would make it easier for the device to register if it had the native OS and some service books already on it.

    Am I wrong by assuming this? And does anyone have any experience with this to provide any feedback? Lastly, if this can be done and would work, how exactly would I go about getting the Vodafone OS on my device? (I have already downloaded it from Blackberry's website). Thanks again in advance.
    01-28-11 02:23 AM