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    I am using a Torch that I bought from Best Buy in the States that is AT&T branded here in Canada on the Rogers network. I have been using this since September with no issues. I now have a problem where people can hear me but I can not hear them, I can't even hear the ringing when making a call but I can see that the screen says connected when the other person answers. My Device info is -

    Platform Version

    Application Version Bundle 695

    I have tried rolling the software back to .141, same problem, updating the software again, same problem.

    Any Suggestions? I'm not even sure who to contact to see if the phone can be serviced since it is AT&T branded but being used on Rogers.


    Updated to add that I have discoverd I can hear the other caller when the phone is closed, but when I open the slider I can't hear the person on the other end again, but they can still hear me. If I close the slider I can again hear them fine.

    Also, I can hear fine when using the speakerphone. I guess just not when the slider is open.
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    01-26-11 09:43 AM
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    Quick update, I just updated my phone to the .337 software and it is still having the same problem.
    01-26-11 10:44 AM
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    did you try the headset? if the headset work fine but you still having problem hearing people then you should return that for a warranty return, it could be your ear speaker that is going bad.
    01-26-11 11:13 AM
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    Sounds like a loose speaker connection to me.
    01-26-11 12:42 PM
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    Sounds like the ear speaker has gone bad. Warranty replacement is all I can think of to do.
    01-26-11 12:47 PM
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    I don't have a headset but tried it in my vehicle this morning with bluetooth and it works, it also works with the slider closed but as soon as I open the slider then I can't hear the other caller, or any audio for that matter.
    01-27-11 08:54 AM
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    Hardware failure = Warranty
    01-27-11 09:11 AM