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    I am intrigued by the Torch because it has a real keyboard and a decent size screen. However, I have never used a BB before and from what I am reading there is a single "inbox" that mashes all incoming emails into one list.

    I monitor five email accounts (and please no replies like "then just pick one!") - corporate email, 2x yahoo & 2x other.

    On my existing phone I can see the message count of messages on each inbox and select only the inbox I want to read. The others are for things like email lists and network monitoring that I can look at when I have time.

    So, the big question: Will the BB take all those incoming messages and stick them into a single inbox???

    If so, is there any way to create separate inboxes and have the mail from each account go there instead?

    (Q9h WM 6.1)
    12-18-10 04:27 PM
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    only one post ? ;p
    12-18-10 04:28 PM
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    errrr. sorry... I think I must have hit the back button on the browser and reposted it by mistake

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    12-18-10 04:31 PM
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    Yes, absolutely. You can separate things as you like. That the great thing about the Torch, you can configure things your way.

    12-18-10 04:48 PM
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    There is a general message box and then separate ones for each emai account, you can chose which, if any, of the email from the accounts you set up go into the general box.

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    12-18-10 05:00 PM
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    Each account has its own mailbox as well as a unified one that you can configure to have all or some of your accounts.

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    12-18-10 05:19 PM
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    You can send all email, text, and other notifications to one mail box(messages app), or split them any way you want. Each email you setup will have its own icon. You can chose which one, if any at all go to the messages app.

    I personally make a folder called "Mail" and put all 4 of my email icons in it so I only have 1 email folder on my home screen.
    From the other thread... So does this technically mean i double posted too.
    12-18-10 05:33 PM