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    Ok Im new and I tryied every download link ect. Once maps appered for a lil bit then vanished. I have a solution. Maps is installed on all at&t tourch but the software blocks the icon. The only stable way around it without it vanishing again is this:
    1.) Go into your search options.
    2.) Uncheck every box except the map box and save settings
    3.) On your home screen slide keybord out and press "b"
    4.) The blackberry maps icon appears. It should be the only thing there
    5.) Press menu button then scroll to "save search" and select it
    6.) Renale it as maps and select where u want it to save the icon. Now when u press the icon u saved the maps icon comes up and there u go. As long as u dont change your search settings you are good to go. Thats the only legit "never fail" way around at&t's bull that I have found. Let me know, ENJOY!
    12-03-10 07:35 PM
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    The 3rd party launcher app works 100% and requires one step...

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    12-03-10 07:38 PM