12-31-10 08:14 AM
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  1. Gomz's Avatar
    let's add:
    Creates a wormhole
    xray vision
    thermal vision
    predicts earthquakes
    estimates the time the sun will supernova
    and gives a decent back massage!

    If not, off to the competitor i go!

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    +1 here lol
    12-30-10 04:18 PM
  2. Blacklatino's Avatar
    What I do miss is a stronger battery.
    Yep. I don't mind the additional battery charging for heavy usage and if I have no choice. But, for the newer models and with the 4G networks(w/ at&t being the last to upgrade and expand), more mem/quicker responsiveness/faster processors.......are we going to get a better battery or just a big azz extended battery? Before anyone starts defending the Torch battery, read my first sentence and understand that not everyone is getting a day(or two) for battery life.
    12-31-10 01:25 AM
  3. escobar973's Avatar
    Why do anybody need a 1GHZ processor and high resolution for a business device?

    I've been using my Torch for 1 month, and the only thing were I miss GHz-s is if I zoom in an image, but it happens 3-4 times a week, otherwise the device is snappy, fast.

    What I do miss is a stronger battery.
    To be fair, I think Blackberrys in general stop being a "business" only device as it has become very popular to younger people.

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    12-31-10 07:59 AM
  4. escobar973's Avatar
    It's funny how everyone is blasting the OP. Even though his requests for certain things may be far fetched for RIM right now, some devices outhere are very close already. I've been a Blackberry user since the blue 7280 and RIM doesn't really compete with other devices. They just try to improve on their previous devices and add a few bell and whistles to them. I probably don't need half the stuff the OP stated he'd wish RIM would improve on but RIM should be much closer to those specs by now. I think most of us can agree on that....

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    12-31-10 08:14 AM
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