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    Anyone using NotifySync? I just put a trial version on my Torch and tasks and email seems to do what it should but I'm having an issue with memos and the calendar.

    First on the memos.... they're not showing up on the MemoPad app. They are set to sync but no go.

    On the calendar, the first massive sync went fine and I happened to notice a recurring appointment (every two weeks on Wednesdays, no end day, all day) that I wanted to change to be from 9am - 5pm vs all day. I changed it in outlook, notifysync pops up the message saying a calendar item has changed, but when I go to the calendar app or the notifications area, it still shows it as an all day event. So I'm not sure where it thinks it synced to and I'm not sure how to fix it. I turned off calendar sync in NotifySync and used DM to wipe the calendar out and then synced using NotifySync again. That particular calendar entry still shows up differently on the device vs what's in outlook. What's weird is that whole day (yesterday the 19th) has some missing calendar entries.... but other days look ok.

    thanks in advance!
    01-20-11 10:27 PM
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    Interesting, I've gone through my calendar which is mostly recurring meetings and have found 4 that for whatever reason, don't show up. I am going to look at my work BB and see if maybe it's something with the meeting vs notifysync. Still haven't figured out the memopad thing though.
    01-21-11 12:30 PM
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    In case anyone searches for notifysync, I wanted to follow up and let folks know that their customer support got back to me and let me know that note items don't sync, but if you go to OWA and make a "post" in the notes folder, that syncs. I verified and all works great so I'm going to convert my notes to posts since I don't have a huge amount.
    01-21-11 08:43 PM