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    Hi all, I've recently upgraded from my BB Curve to the new Torch, and have a couple of quieries if anyone could help me ? Firstly, how can I stream FM Radio ? Specifically BBC Radio 1? It there an app or link I'm missing? I love my BB but hate that its no radio ! Secondly, how do I do screen shots ? My BB Curve never had the option ! And lastly, what apps would you recommend as a 'must have' on this phone ? Thank you muchly !! X

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    12-14-10 07:34 AM
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    Apps that are a must have and FREE:

    1) Google Maps - Best FREE GPS Navigation

    2) Google Sync - It syncs your contacts to your gmail account as backup incase you ever lose your BB

    3) Dictionary (just google dictionary on your BB then open the first link, then you can download the app from there)

    4) BerryUnit Converter (just google berry unit converter and open the first link on your BB, there you will find the download button, its free)
    12-14-10 07:40 AM
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    CaptureIt is a good screen shot app that will work well on your 9800, I've got it on mine.

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    12-14-10 07:47 AM
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    You have to get an app to stream radio. There are a number of free ones on BB app World (my Torch came with Slacker). Another good app for locating people, phone numbers, movies, gas stations etc is POYNT. It is also free and works really great with Google Maps.
    12-14-10 08:04 AM
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    As above poster stated. I love slacker(works great), as well as yesterberry(look in the third party app section).

    Some apps you must have:

    Six tools(the most essential app you'll ever need)

    Wallpaper changer(with addons)

    Berryweather(Beweather in app world, free or payed versions work great, but the added functions of the payed version are worth it)


    Crackberry launcher(launch this website with a single click)

    PictureID(love having full screen picture's for caller ID although you have to manually set them all up)

    BBmaps(everyone else seems to think google maps is better but I disagree)

    And last but definitely not least:

    Score mobile for blackberry
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    12-14-10 08:59 AM
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    the apps that I use that are free, barcode assistant (to scan and create barcode with an history log), Capture IT (for screenshot), Lookout Mobile Security (anti virus, backup system and a way to find your phone if you loose it), Tunein radio for radio streaming, dropbox for my sharing needed. And don't forget Superstore from Crackberry app store where you can find free and paid apps/theme/game.

    I also love to know when my bb battery is lower than 30 % so I used Plug It In for that. Another thing here(where I live) we can't talk to a cellphone while driving so I use Speaker On, which answer call automaitcly and put it on speaker phone so you don't have to use your hand to answer.

    all of them are free and you can find them all in the Superstore of crackberry.
    12-14-10 09:00 AM
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    Thanks everyone ! I will spend tonight locating and installing the above ! X

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    12-14-10 10:13 AM
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    Poynt is a definite must-have app, and if you're a sports fan, so is ScoreMobile.
    A few of the free ones I'd also recommend are:
    BeBuzz Free- Allows you to change the LED color for different Contacts emails, texts and calls.
    BeamExplorer File Manager-Allows you to look through your phones files just like a Windows Explorer.
    Pandora-Another streaming music app
    BeWeather Free- For local weather
    ILock - If your phone has any sensitive data on it.

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    12-14-10 10:29 AM
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    Actually none of the apps posted are "must haves", they're all mere "suggestions" as you don't "need" any of them to use your device efficiently. I only use a few that have been listed but I wouldn't say I would actually need them. All depends on your needs.
    12-14-10 12:00 PM
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    Very true, very true.

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    12-14-10 12:04 PM
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    Being in sales, POYNT is a near must have because I can use it as a reverse directory when following up on direct mail leads plus use it as a GPS. If you travel and are in an unfamiliar town and don't know where the restaurants are or businesses or movies, etc, this app sure makes it easy to find what is available and where. However if you are not in sales, don't travel, then you can easily get by without it.

    I have downloaded some apps free or free trial and found that though others thought they were great, for me they were hohum. Just check them out and see what, if any, helps you.
    12-14-10 12:23 PM
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    TuneIn Radio from radiotime.com is great. I think all the BBC stations might be on it. Best radio streaming IMO. radiotime.com/bb
    12-14-10 04:46 PM
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    Homeydo is great for syncing grocery lists between bb's
    Google Maps
    Yellow Pages
    Google sync

    Great thread btw - thx.

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    12-14-10 08:40 PM
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    Buddygaurd as fas as a must have.

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    12-14-10 08:55 PM
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    Can anyone direct me to alternate site for Captureit? the site that says it should be at http//m.techmogul.com is a non working link I'd love to have the program (i used to) but i accidently uninstalled it
    01-07-11 12:32 PM
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    I'm not sure how easily you'll get BBC Radio 1 through one of the other streaming apps, usually they mainly do US Radio stations (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, only ever glanced at them) but I found this site that apparantly let's you listen to radio stations through the BB Media Player.

    BBC Radio 1 | Yourmuze.FM

    You'll need to register then go to the mobile site on your phone, but apparantly it works, I have no experience with it though, sorry.

    Also worth pointing out (no pun intended) that last time I tried Poynt on my BB 9700 it didn't have proper support for the UK. On holidays in US it was great, but in the UK it had very limited functionality. That was a couple of months ago now though so could have changed.
    01-07-11 01:10 PM
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    I have TuneIn and love it!

    As for the CB launcher app....I got it but the Torch forum wouldn't show up that way. I don't know if that has changed?? I saved the link for the forums in my favorites so I still am only one click away from ALL the CB forums!

    I also have Google maps and I love that app, too! BerryBuzz is also another favorite of mine.
    01-07-11 02:00 PM