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    Moving from 9700 to 9800. The new contacts page has changed too much. I don't see any option to add numbers.. it just gives space for one mobile and one work number.. how to add other fields.. like mobile2? Home1, Home2 etc. etc...? I hate it when companies try to make their UI 'cleaner' and more 'user-friendly' cause it invariably makes things more complicated to do. 9700's new contact page was much easier to manage.. u simply added info in the fields u wanted and skipped the rest.
    01-19-11 11:36 PM
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    Open contact, click Menu>Edit. Select Home or Work Field as shown, select category from pop-up menu.

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    01-19-11 11:46 PM
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    And, once you've started typing in the second number, a third field appears. From there, you can change that type as well.

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    01-20-11 12:06 AM
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    Thanks a lot.. that was quick! One more little questions: why doesn't the category page have search option?
    01-20-11 12:21 AM