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    I just got my upgraded Torch from ATT in the mail only to find it doesn't charge. I plug it in and the lightning bolt shows that it's charging, then a few seconds after a red X appears on the battery. I tried connecting it to DM to update the software and all goes well until it says "reconnecting to JVM" when an error box appears. I go into AppLoader and it connects but then says " The blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the device that you have connected to your computer". Is there anything else I can do?
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    12-10-10 03:56 PM
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    Try plugging in for 6 or more hours. My 9000 Bold does something similar if unused for a long time.
    12-11-10 07:40 AM
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    Sounds like a bad usb port, get another replacement.

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    12-11-10 09:38 AM