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    The BB Style is like the Torch except it's a flip phone. I still think the Torch is the nicest looking phone out of all the phones...I'm sorry I thought it was a touch Phone.......
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    10-30-10 10:11 PM
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    I don't believe that the Style is a touchscreen.
    10-30-10 10:12 PM
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    I don't believe that the Style is a touchscreen.
    If that's the case, then IMO RIM is foolish to release it
    10-30-10 10:23 PM
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    Its not a touchscreen and it functions similar to the 9650 and 9780 with OS6.

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    10-30-10 10:50 PM
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    If that's the case, then IMO RIM is foolish to release it
    Touch screen would be kind of nice, but I'm not sure how well it would work with this form factor. The compact size when it's folded up plus the second external display might make it worth the compromise of no touch screen. If this had come out before the Torch, I definitely would have given it a good look, and I may even have jumped on it if I didn't know the Torch was coming, as it looks like it's a step up from the Bold. A full QWERTY keyboard on a flip is a pretty nice idea that I don't think I've seen from anyone else.

    Brand new review of it here. As usual, they HAVE to point out that the browser isn't as quick as the iPhone's or Android's, except this guy goes as far as to say it isn't noticeably than OS 5 (which makes me wonder if he's ever used anything with OS 5 on it). And of course there's the obligatory trashing of BB apps, both of which just aren't as important to BB users as the other features and benefits that keep us loyal to the brand.

    Not something I'd switch to after the Torch, but I can certainly see its appeal.
    10-30-10 11:43 PM
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    My daughter needed an alternative to the 9650 form factor, and this gives her the option she likes. Smaller form with the flip, much better functionality as compared to her 8330, and a lot more room for goodies.

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    10-30-10 11:50 PM
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    $99 price point, flip phone with os6 + full qwerty...

    Flip phone users are not going to demand a touchscreen and it would make the phone more expensive

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    10-31-10 06:20 AM
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    To the OP, it is not a problem. RIM currently has only two touchscreen devices, the Storm, Storm2 and the Torch. In any event, welcome and you have made a great choice.
    10-31-10 11:05 AM
  9. bryhe1's Avatar
    style is too ugly
    10-31-10 11:13 AM
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    I think the Style release by RIM was smart in that it's a nice flip phone and there are a lot of people out there who love that form factor.

    One of the best thing about RIM is that they have a variety of form factors and a variety of price points.

    Of course, I LOVE my Torch because it's a portrait touchscreen slider, which is the form factor I wanted.

    RIM's only weakness, IMHO, is they don't have a touchscreen-only device with the same specs as the top end touchscreens out there. Hopefully, that will be solved soon with a Storm3.
    10-31-10 11:18 AM