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    I received my Torch yesterday and have successfully set up my email, etc. on BIS. My previous smartphones were all Treos of various iterations. On them I had to manually check my email, which worked fine almost all the time because about 75-80% of the time I'm staring at a computer monitor and my email's are checked regularly by Mailwasher on my desktop.

    My question/issue is -- Is there a way to stop my Torch from checking my email all the time. I have an "airplane mode" app that turns off the phone & data connections, but I'd like to just turn off the data connection.

    01-27-11 08:57 AM
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    By design, Blackberries are always connected to the internet and RIMs push email system. Receiving email uses a negligible amount of power as RIMs severs send any email to your phone without your phone asking for it, which saves a lots of power.

    To answer your question, unless you turn your data connection off, there is no practible way to prevent your berry receiving your mail, of course, when you turn on your data connection again all the queued mail will arrive. You could delete the service books pertaining to your email account as well, but they will return after a reboot and you will not be able to check your email without resending your service books.
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    01-27-11 09:10 AM
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    I kind of thought that was how it would be. I was just looking for a way to not have to delete dozens of spam emails off my BB since my Mailwasher on my desktop gets rid of them for me before they ever hit my email inbox.

    Oh well . . . I am enjoying my Torch so I guess this is just a new wrinkle that I'll have to learn to get used to.

    Thanks for the prompt reply
    01-27-11 09:23 AM
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    Log In to your BIS account (online) and go to 'Filters' for each email account you want to halt.

    You have 2 options for 'When no filters apply':
    1. Forward messages to device
    2. Do not forward messages to device

    This is not a quick & easy way to turn your email on and off but at least you don't have to mess around with your service books.
    01-27-11 10:27 AM