1. Altarocks's Avatar
    I posted this in the DM forum yesterday, but got no responses. I'm hoping fellow Torch owners will be more familiar with the issue.

    I'm a little stumped here. I'm using DM 6.00.43, with a Torch. After importing my photos to my computer, I'd like to be able to batch delete them from the device (but I'd like to retain a select few).

    I see an option to delete all media, but I only want to delete most of my photos. I sure don't want to have to delete photos one at a time. Isn't there a way to select checkboxes for photos to delete like there used to be with DM 5?

    Also, why does DM not detect duplicate files (photos) when syncing? I'm getting 3 or 4 copies of the same photo imported to the same import folder.
    10-13-10 12:01 PM
  2. AmigaDude's Avatar
    Just use the Torch itself, not DM which is not much of a manager IMHO.

    Bring up your pictures, and Shift-Select (Shift key and Trackpad) as many as you want and they will have the check marks placed on them. OR, you could use that new fangled gadget on the touch screen, it's called ... a finger.
    10-13-10 12:49 PM
  3. TamePegasus's Avatar
    Go into your media file, then into pictures, choose folder, and use menu key to delete the photos you do not want. Had same issue as I was playing with Blackberryand now that the photos are on computer no longer needed them on Blackberry. Hope that helps Was a quick and easy way for me...
    10-13-10 01:58 PM
  4. Altarocks's Avatar
    I've got a couple hundred photos now, and was hoping this could be done through DM. I remember being able to do this via DM pretty quickly on DM 5. Don't really want to do this through the handheld, but it seems that's now the only way.
    10-13-10 03:22 PM