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    I got my Torch yesterday at Crossiron Mills, Calgary and so far I'm very excited to have this as my phone. it functions great, it's absolutely perfect and it also happens to be a chick magnet. Not 5 minutes after I had this activated, I was sitting in the food court eating when a girl comes up to me and says, "Nice phone, can I have the number?" She had also bought the Torch, and we were both loving it.

    Webkit Browser:

    This was first on my list of things to do for when I got home, as my phone wouldn't charge. I quickly looked up, "what happens when I don't get the charging indicator." on google. It took less than 2 seconds to retrieve search results (A feat that would have taken my 8530 up to 10 seconds). I tried using the tabs, but I'll have to come back to that as I was pretty busy at the time but I look forward to using them. Oh, and I got the power thing figured out, dead outlet, who woulda guessed? :P


    I have a Mexico 5 build, made on the 23rd of September. There is zero wiggle on the screen at any time, the physical keys are silent and the phone is lightning fast with absolutely no flaws whatsoever so far. I do need to purchase a case though, I'm afraid to drop it, especially with the slider open. It feels fragile compared to my 9530 and 8530, however heavy.

    SMS, Email, BBM, Calendar:

    I like what they did here, for everything. I'm going to feel more comfortable using my email than ever before, just something about it feels more natural and brand new. Web-kit by any chance? I use the calendar function a lot and I love the updated style of it, it's much easier to use in my honest opinion. Thread SMS - of course a must for today's top smart phones. I like the 160 character cap rather than 140 as I always felt I had two more words to say, and would have to send it in a separate text. Really, there is no character cap and I love that. You can just type and type, all the power to you. I'm pretty sure you can type up to 5 texts at once, then you run out of room but I haven't fully tested that out yet. BBM hasn't really changed much, but it didn't need to.

    Loving it! But I'm not sure how practical it'll be on non-touch screens. I'm not really a touch screen guy but I find myself using it a lot just because it's easier than the track pad. The social feed tool is great for someone like me who receives BBMs, Texts, Twitters and Facebook messages all the time. It's really easy to sort through them and saves me time from going from one to the other. However, I miss than gungho sound I used to have for my BBMs, if anyone knows of a way to get that sound back, please tell me! Also, my facebook contact pictures haven't appeared in my contacts yet, so should I give it more time or is there something I can do?

    Telus deals:

    My plan before:
    100 Minutes
    Unlimited Text
    Call Display

    Sounds pretty bland right, well, if you upgrade with Telus, Telus pats you on the back and gives you more than you bargained for, just because you're spending more money. My plan went to this:

    200 Minutes + Unlimited evenings and weekends
    50 Long Distance Minutes
    Call Display
    10 Favourite Numbers, unlimited talk and text
    Unlimited Text

    So it pretty much doubled my plan for free. I'm still paying 58 dollars a month. Thank you Telus, for once you have not raped me up the *** with your poor service.
    10-03-10 11:11 AM
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    Jeffreii's got links in his sig for the old 9000 sounds which should have all your old sounds your used to. There is also a thread in this forum about it. It's really easy to install..just follow Jeff's instructions and it'll work like a charm.
    10-03-10 11:15 AM