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    Hello fellow Crackberrians

    I have spent over 2 weeks now with the Blackberry 9800 a.k.a Torch and putting it through many tests for "my" (I stress that point of view) needs.

    In short this phone is the best that I have personally owned. Meeting all the expectations I had for this phone RIM did nothing short of greatness when it comes to this phone. I won't bore you all who are reading this review to death with my detailed review so I'll keep it short and sweet.

    Though many people thought that the low screen res that the Torch was coming with would be a major issue I have found it to be everything opposite of that. The display on this phone is great though some times the video playback of the youtube videos could be better in HD I could care less as generally i dont watch youtube on my phone. 360x480 was a great idea and I think it works great and helps with the battery life in the sense that it doesnt take up battery because of a high res screen.
    I will say though that the reaction time to turning the phone sideways and back could be better I dont lose anything from it being as it is.
    Other than that I say that the screen was a win in my p.o.v.

    I love the battery life on this phone. After I completely drained the initial charge the phone came with I charged it overnight which was a total of about 8hrs. I went to work the next day and after work I went to an art event that was being held in Downtown Toronto. The entire day I used the phone; between bbm, texting, phone calls (that lasted most times up to 20-25 mins), taking a total of 48 pictures with different scene modes with flash and a total of 7 videos on the highest resolution the phone finally went into low battery warning while I was filming a 13min video of a street performer. The phone died an hour later at about 11pm even after I continued to make 3 more phone calls on my way home. That was 2 weeks ago and even now I can say that I get almost a day - a day and a half in terms of battery life and this is with HEAVY messaging and phone calls. I am ridiculously satisfied with this battery.

    Really do I need to go into it? It's a Blackberry QWERTY keyboard. It's great. That's all I can say and on top of that ridiculously solid.

    Touch Keyboard:
    Surprisingly i found the touch keyboard a lot easier to use compared to my iphone. Coming from a Iphone 3G I was expecting the Iphone to win but in terms of comfort and usage I find that the BB's touch keyboard to be awesome.

    Touch Screen:
    Great response, sliding is great and I love how fast it is.

    To wrap this up cause my laptop battery is dying I love this whole phone whole-heartedly and would suggest it to anyone whose looking to upgrade their existing smartphone. Not that I've already convinced 12 people (friends and family) too buy this phone but it's well worth the money and wait.

    Thank you RIM for you introduction to the touch screen market and for showing that even sliders can be AWESOME.

    "It's going to be Legen- wait for it and I hope your not lactose intolerant because the next word is -Dary LEGENDARY!" - Barney Stenson HIMYM

    oh NPH you slay me

    please comment and give your feedback.
    10-12-10 11:17 AM
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    The youtube thing has been discussed. Not the phones fault. Glad you're loving your phone. The Torch is the best phone I've ever owned ;-)

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    10-12-10 11:51 AM