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    I looked through this forum for anyone who may be experiecning my SMS issue but my search turned up nothing similar. I receive news alerts via SMS. Some times the exceed 160 characters and they come in as two messages and they get combined with 1/2 and 2/2. The blackberry did a nice job of combining so they read as one message.

    Now that I have a torch its a crap shoot if it works or not. As you can see in the attached photo I am not receiving the whole message, only the back half.

    I am running Beta OS .214

    Any thoughts?

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    09-16-10 09:37 AM
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    My 9800 did this too when I first got it. After spending 2 hrs in the AT&T store and not getting any results, I emailed Kevin & Adam since this was my Torch from CB Idol. Both suggested an OS wipe and sure enough, after wiping and reinstalling, my SMS works perfectly. Just a suggestion...
    09-16-10 09:56 AM
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I failed to mention that this is my 2nd 9800. My first one had tinny audio and the SMS issue (come to find out the audio was the OS). So when the 2nd one came in I had the audio problem and the SMS issue again. Both phones had OS6 .141. After doing some reading I found the audio problem was tied to the .141. I upgraded to .214 and the audio problem is gone but the SMS issues remains.

    Its very frustrating.
    09-16-10 10:52 AM