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    There's so much out there and apps and such like, what, in your opinion, shall I put on it to get the most out of my Blackberry Torch experience?!
    11-26-10 05:06 PM
  2. anon(1308230)'s Avatar
    What are your BlackBerry needs? A musician would get more use out of media apps, a business user would get more use out of organizational apps...what do you use your BlackBerry for?

    I use mine for organizational and social networking. Key apps for me are:

    1) Pocket Informant (a more in-depth task/calendar app than the native application; includes the ability to color code!)

    2) LEDReset- a free application that enables you to turn off the blinking red light, either because you have a new message and don't want to read it, or you have a "ghost" message.

    3) Facebook for Blackberry
    11-26-10 05:32 PM
  3. sedalia066's Avatar
    My pphone is primarily a business communication tool.

    For me QuickLaunch makes the single convenience button more functional.

    Forward, Reply, and Edit is a necessity for e-mail.

    A new theme from the available assortment may make the whole experience a better one. There are several more functional than the OEM.

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    11-26-10 06:16 PM
  4. mikeyg164's Avatar
    Buddygaurd is a must have for me along with google maps and wifi file transfer.

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    11-26-10 06:43 PM
  5. prashkul's Avatar
    You might want to have an app to prevent the accidental unlocking of phone while removing from holster/pouch/pocket - the top lock button is way too sensitive.
    One of the earliest essential utilities I needed - Pattern Lock is working best for me.
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    11-26-10 07:03 PM
  6. Elite1's Avatar
    For me QuickLaunch makes the single convenience button more functional.
    You should look into the SixTools app. It allows you to make Top Right key (Mute)and both Volume keys into 3 extra Convenience Keys.
    With the amount I use QL, I hated having it on the hard 2-stage Camera Convenience Key. SixTools was a great relief!

    QuickLaunch is my highest recommendation also.

    So otherwise I would recommend these free apps:

    -Poynt (from App World): look up movies & restaurants based on location, includes YellowPages & WhitePages apps within including Reverse Lookup, compare gas prices in USA

    -CB Superstore (from CB store): you'll already have App World pre-loaded, so also download the app for this alternative store powered by Mobihand. Get free stuff from App World, but for buying apps get them from CB Superstore as long as they're available there. They issue app upgrades much faster.

    -Pageonce (from App World): Access to view account balances for banking, credit cards, rewards programs, and lots more options. (View only: no transactions!) Free version is fully functional with a limit of 5 accounts.

    -BatteryEx Free (CB Superstore): Shows you you're exact percentage of battery charge remaining. In addition to its icon, gives you an indicator icon in the notification area, so you can always see your exact battery status at a glance. You can also download "Skins" to change its icons to virtually any image.

    -Google Maps (CB Superstore): no explanation required!

    -Navita Translator (App World): easy-to-use translation tool for single words or entire phrases.

    -Shazam (App World): the name-that-song app.
    11-26-10 07:34 PM
  7. Elite1's Avatar
    I use mine for organizational and social networking. Key apps for me are:
    3) Facebook for Blackberry
    The Torch should come "pre-loaded" with Facebook, as well as apps for YouTube, MySpace, 5 different IM clients (i.e. Windows Live Messenger), Twitter, App World, and all the native BB apps like BBM.
    11-26-10 07:39 PM