1. pattste's Avatar
    I forgot to mention that mine is Mexico 5, running .246 and manufactured on September 22nd. Great build quality. I'm in love with this phone.
    09-30-10 08:31 PM
  2. jessgo03's Avatar
    lol no one responded to my question about the browser earlier... hahaha oh well i guess everyones just too excited but seriously hows the speed on ur guys browser and i remember hearing something about being able to wirelessly sync ur media songs and what not from ur computer to the torch or something anyone know how to do this??
    09-30-10 08:32 PM
  3. Fr3lncr's Avatar
    I've got a Mexico 5 one built on Sept 23rd. Little bit of wiggle open and closed. Will try and compare it to another one before deciding if it is normal or if I will return it.
    09-30-10 08:37 PM
  4. buwee's Avatar
    I arrived at the nearest TELUS corporate store just after 9 this morning, first in line. About ten minutes later we had about five people and a nice conversation going. When the store opened at 10 there was about ten people in line, all for the Torch. The store received only 15 Torches, my guess is they were all sold within the first hour. The Rogers store received 40 Torches and had a much longer lineup, at least 25 people. The Bell store and Virgin kiosk didn't have anyone in line at 9:10 when I walked by. When I walked by the Apple Store, there was a dozen losers waiting outside and several already in hoping to get their hands on the phone released July 31st...

    Interestingly, according to the in-store inventory check, the two nearest Futureshop stores did not have Rogers Torches this morning. They had stock for the three other carriers. The local BestBuy did not show any inventory.
    I wouldn't call the people that were lining up for iphones losers?
    Just because they choose to line up for an iphone instead of a Torch doesn't really make them losers?
    09-30-10 09:06 PM
  5. ice_10's Avatar
    mexico 5 build here. Seems good so far but with slider open get a very slight side to side wiggle..Nothing I would complain about though.
    09-30-10 09:21 PM
  6. zaandam24's Avatar
    isnt this awesome guys??? i love this bb and rim has done a great job and can only get better from here on(thanks 2 QNX) iphone is crap although i still love that screen and yes they have a 1ghz.... but what the torch is doin is good enough 4 me.....
    09-30-10 09:30 PM
  7. Clarkee's Avatar
    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my mexico 5 build!

    It's got that 'wiggle issue', but it only wiggles if you MAKE it wiggle, so DON'T make it wiggle! But no other issues! No BIS issues, no nothing!

    Best blackberry ever. Let me tell you I was the envy of everyone today!
    09-30-10 09:30 PM
  8. buwee's Avatar
    The BIS issue doesn't seem to happen right away. I thought I was home free on one of my Torch's because I had no issues until almost a month went by then suddenly it happened. I still don't know what caused it but I suspect it was an app that I installed just prior to it happening. It took quite a while to get BIS back.
    09-30-10 09:38 PM
  9. mr.nice's Avatar
    Mexico 5. A bit more of a wiggle then i would like, plus tapping the screen there is a bit of give. Not quite like sure press give, but there is a bit of sound and movement when I tap it. Not solid like an iPhone, for example. Not sure if it's related with screen wiggle or not. End and send and those buttons were a little loose too.
    Sounds petty an d consider came from a storm, used to looseness and light leaks but still, I don't think up to rim specs.
    Could probably live with these little things if they didn't get any worse, but as i created a thread about, the camera flash zaps the phone into a brick. Not a reset, only a battery pull revives it. When plugged in though no issues, so it's either a bad battery not able to handle the increase in juice needed, or a bad unit, with either the flash drawing too much power or the phone not regulating the power. Regardless it's getting exchanged tomorrow for another unit.
    09-30-10 09:44 PM
  10. Mikey52's Avatar
    I'm so freaking happy with this device guys! It just keeps getting better as I use it!

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    09-30-10 10:28 PM
  11. Tangocore's Avatar
    So freakin happy with it, am like a kid with his new toy
    I didnt find any torch in montreal westisland but while playing at the virgin booth, the reps offered to match my corporate plan while adding for free + 10 unlimited number (5 regional 5 national) and free activation. Also virging was 179 to rogers 200 and they also had free 50$ of accessory (on my bill since they had none)
    09-30-10 10:54 PM
  12. zaandam24's Avatar
    umm....my device just shut down due to battery...it still had batt left...y did it do this??
    09-30-10 10:56 PM
  13. ek9max's Avatar
    I'm loving it too!

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    09-30-10 10:57 PM
  14. Coach101's Avatar
    Simply awesome!!! I was a bit worried with all the negitive reviews. Rogers Mexico 5 build 24/09/10 manifactured a short 6 days from launch WOW.

    The device seems quite solid...very very slight wiggle.

    The browser is much better but still needs to be faster!

    Overall...very pleased!
    09-30-10 11:25 PM
  15. zaandam24's Avatar
    can anyone please explain how and why it wud just shut down and say battery drained when it had 15% left?
    09-30-10 11:35 PM
  16. carey965's Avatar
    i also got a mex 5, slight wiggle but no slider is perfect

    love the phone even more now that it is setup the way i want it
    i was the only one waiting at the bowmanville store this morn and by around 630 i was only 1 of 2 people that bought one up to that point
    i thought for sure more in my area would be interested in it, oh well its their loss
    09-30-10 11:41 PM
  17. 4mynikka's Avatar
    No wobble on mine, same Mexico 5 and same production date 09/24. Loving it so far.
    10-01-10 12:21 AM
  18. kevintweedie's Avatar
    Mine was made in mexico 4 and so far I've had no problems. Very happy with it!

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    10-01-10 01:03 AM
  19. petoria's Avatar
    Definitely love my torch! I walked out of the rogers store in with a HUGE grin! Drove home as quick as possible to use it with everything loaded. Its simply the BEST blackberry I've ever used/own. OS updates will probably make it better over time I'm sure...
    10-01-10 01:24 AM
  20. anon(1092934)'s Avatar
    Okay, I'm not going to lie - I'm on my second Torch already. After getting my first one all activated and synced, I was sitting in class and noticed a weird mark on the screen - upon closer inspection there was like a hair or something between the glass and the screen; fml just my luck. Went back down to Rogers, had it swapped out and all appears to be good for now.

    First Impressions:
    1. Loving the OS - very snappy, animated and good improvements
    2. Impressed with both the physical keyboard and the onscreen landscape/portrait keyboards
    3. Nice screen - good quality and nice brightness/contract levels
    4. Camera quality is impressive
    5. Call quality seems to be good, or on par with my 9700
    6. Ringer does seem quieter though in comparison with my 9700
    7. Mixed feelings about the USB AC Adapter + USB Cable. I have feelings I will miss having a basic AC Adapter down the road; don't know how I feel about this 'iPhone-ish' style charger.
    8. Trackpad seems a little more "stable" or "fixed" in comparison to my 9700 - could be from the amount of use I put my 9700 through.
    9. Wish it came with a holster like my 9700 - instead of a cleaning cloth
    10. I find the phone to have a good weight to it, nice sturdy feel and nice slider (there is a slight wobble, BUT you really have to attempt to wobble it to even feel it).
    11. How do I put this lightly....the included headphones are pure garbage. Yes, I understand Blackberry headphones have never been spectacular, but even my Pearl/Curve/Bold headphones sounded and fitted better than the ones that the Torch came with. I went out for a walk tonight and was severely disappointed with these new earbuds. The sound quality lacked, the earbud size was off, they kept falling out of my ear, etc etc etc. I am going to be replacing this ASAP.

    Overall, I am glad I purchased this phone and I do plan on keeping it. In comparison to my 9700, I'm very impressed with the 9800 so far....in the 12+ hours I've had it
    10-01-10 02:21 AM
  21. vx1's Avatar
    For anyone looking for a case for 9800, it fits perfectly into a 8300 case. You know the ones with with the twisty wheel belt clip.

    so check out one of those, they are usually on sale at walmart or someplace
    10-01-10 04:54 AM
  22. CzechShark's Avatar
    I found an actual 9800 case at futureshop as well as a ishield screen protector,..

    So far love the new OS, now just getting use to the touchscreen. Comes preinstalled with OS .246 and seems to run very smooth
    10-01-10 05:05 AM
  23. Gelzz's Avatar
    I'm so freaking happy with this device guys! It just keeps getting better as I use it!

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    MIKEY we did IT lol lmfao lool

    isn't is soooo swweet ! Best BB i've ever had ! I'VE only OWED 3 lol
    10-01-10 06:28 AM
  24. Mikey52's Avatar
    Gelzz! I figured you were in Torch heaven yesterday and that's why we didn't hear from you! Buddy, i'm so happy with this device! It gets better and better every minute I use it. IT hooked me up with BES password on the way back from the store, it sync'd in minutes and is running flawlessly. I'm so impressed with the virtual keyboard as well, was a bit concerned that I'd miss surepress but I think I'm actualy faster and more accurate with this one. To be honest, I've used the physical keyboard just once to test it out.Way to go RIM!!

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    10-01-10 06:37 AM
  25. lauren122688's Avatar
    Ooh I can't wait to get mine in the mail

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-01-10 06:54 AM
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