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    i just upgraded today from th3 9700 to the torch. does anyone know how to move an icon off the ALL or home screen into the downloads screen? there is no folder called downloads now and when i used the switch device wizard it put everything in one place and i want to clean it up.


    11-02-10 02:27 AM
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    The All and Downloads screens are not folders the way we used to think of them. If you use gmail, you can think of them as filters. An item can appear on more than one page as long as it meets the criteria. Everything appears in All. If you've downloaded since getting the device, it appears in Downloads as well. If you use it often, it appears in Frequent.

    So you have a few approaches to take.
    You can simply move apps down to the bottom of All, then just don't scroll down that far, or Hide them (with icon highlighted, click MENU key and select Hide).
    You can put them in an existing or new Folder. From Home Screen, click MENU, select Options, select Downloads folder. Then you'd clean up your existing ones: highlight an icon, click MENU, select Move to Folder. Going forward, new apps downloaded will go to that folder which is on the Home Screen AND the Downloads page. (I think!)

    Your other main alternative is to switch Themes. Remember that the current setup is not the OS but the BB6 default theme. Most (or at least numerous) 3rd party themes have the traditional Home Screen / App Screen setup you're used to, i.e. Home Screen without scrolling pages or trays, click MENU for App Screen with everything.
    Sounds like this may be the way you want to go

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    11-02-10 04:42 AM