1. inc188's Avatar
    Is anyone having any issues with meeting requests emailed to you?

    I mean people send me meeting requests & they just show up at emails, not where to accept or decline etc?

    I am bew btw

    Thank you

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    10-29-10 12:19 AM
  2. Dixit's Avatar
    I used to have this problem all the time when I kept updating to new OS or leaks back when I had my Storm2. I was on a BES through work as well.

    Here are two links to try the easy stuff first before I tell you what I had to do.

    1. Make sure this wireless setting is still enabled and didnt get turned off by mistake.
    No option to accept or decline a meeting request on the BlackBerry smartphone

    2. This one forces it to reactive your Enterprise Activation to make sure all the service books for your BES came through correctly and are setup right.
    Accept and Decline meeting request options are unavailable on the BlackBerry smartphone

    These for me didnt work at times. Only way I was able to get it to work was to do a WIPE via BBSAK and then reload the OS from scratch and then let the BES activate itself once it connects to my office network via VPN for me (since I was doing it at home).

    Its definitely an annoying issue but it can be resolved by doing either 1, 2, or the last option. Last option should be last as it takes the longest of the bunch.

    10-29-10 01:30 AM