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    I've just upgraded to a Blackberry Torch - my first BB - on a UK o2 contract..

    I want to use my BB as an mp3 player and so transferred the micro sd card from my Sansa Fuze mp3 player into the BB. This is 16gb and has all my music on it, and on the Fuze I had it arranged in the albums I wanted - i.e. I could set up my own compilation albums without the player trying to organise them according to artist and album. I think it's called MTP or MSC or something..?

    Anyway, when I inserted the micro sd card into my BB it sorted all of the music files according to artist and album. So, when I have several of my own compilation albums, each comprising a number of songs by different artists, the BB's own music player sorted them according to artist and album - so a couple of compilation albums each with 20-odd songs on, becomes 40 albums each with 1 song on.

    I know that to solve this I have to change the way that the BB stores files (msc/mtp ???) but I've searched high and low in various menus and settings and I can't find anywhere to do this. Anyone got any ideas? Either with the BB itself or by using 3rd party apps?

    The obvious place to look - Options > Device > Storage, contains only two options that can be changed (ticked or unticked) - Compression and Media Card Support - no other options available.

    The other problem is that, for some reason, some albums/artisits are 'Unknown' yet there is no option to edit album or artist properties to add the name. These are probably cds that I ripped ages ago which didn't have album info downloaded and added to them.

    I just want to be able to drag and drop music files onto the card (happy to do it via a card reader or direct onto the BB when plugged into my laptop) but I don't want to use the BB desktop software as I'm not interested in 'synching' anything.... besides which, I use linux!

    Many thanks,

    10-27-10 06:11 AM
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    You can use the mass storage mode from your pc. Just plug in your BB and navigate to the SD card and drag and drop music onto it. As far as it reorganizing the albums, no idea how to remedy that situation. My mp3 player does the same thing, kind of annoying.
    10-27-10 06:49 AM