02-06-11 10:03 AM
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    i have a Torch and a Macbook Pro..
    i have 45 GB of music and video collection.
    i never had any problems with tags or those question marks (?) that you've mentioned.
    and i didn't have any problems with songs/videos being misplaced on a different file.
    most of the members here believe it's a USER error.
    C'mon guys.. blame the PS3, blame the Torch, blame the laptop but not the USER.
    it's the machine's fault that they didn't explain/communicate themselves clearly to the USER.

    hehehe....seems like you may have a point!

    For sjorge3442....you have a very good point.
    I use iTunes for everything, but on the BB Torch, I add music through the BB Desktop manager and I do not have that problem of '?' or whatever!
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    02-06-11 10:03 AM
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