1. Chinookman's Avatar
    Here's the deal:
    I copied Napoleon Hill's audio books into four folders one for each set into the media card. z(The one w/o the BB logo right?)

    I even shortened the file names so it would be easy to read which book and volume can be read. Use phone go to media player and ALL the files are scrambled all over the place over generic albums, generic artists and there is not one set that was left in order.

    So, when trying to build a lay list I have had to explore every where to find the files and discovered that the original long file names transferred over and now have duplicates in the play list. I tried to REMOVE a file and the only option was to delete it which really meant it was deleted from the phone...WTF over????

    Is there another media play for the BB that one can use? I'm convinced that I do not know the ins & outs of this phone but this has been very frustrating after looking for remove options to find I have to delete them and recopy just to discover that no matter how I organize the files the phones opens them up all shuffled up?

    Am I using the wrong system should I use podcast instead of songs???

    Any ideas, tips etc???

    A long search did not come close to addressing this well I had no success anyway...maybe someone else may have better success.....thanks...

    02-02-11 09:07 PM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    If you put them in a place other than the BlackBerry sub directories it will do this. For example once I created a dir in the root of my SD card for ringtones. I dropped them all in there and they showed under music as well as my ringtones. I formatted the card and started over but put the ringtones in /blackberry/ringtones and this did not happen again. As long as you are not doing a Sync of media you can drag and drop to get them on your BB with ease just be sure you put them in the correct place or it will do something weird like this.
    02-03-11 12:03 AM
  3. Chinookman's Avatar
    OK, thanks I'll try that again. i"ll delete the books and then recopy over to the directory and see what happens....maybe this time I will skip the copying of each folder and just copy the audio files and see what happens. next....

    Thanks for the idea.....

    02-03-11 08:16 PM
  4. Chinookman's Avatar
    Well I tried the suggestions and went to build play list...Hmmmmm.... I have an audio file that is just not showing up even thou I use the explorer to verify I pasted all the files into the BB folder.

    So is there an alternative media player or is this as good as it gets?

    02-04-11 02:14 PM
  5. Chinookman's Avatar
    wow well OK got it...had to go and select all the audio files and change the properties and remove all references to titles and artist and then the books all lined up and displayed correctly...wow that was an adventure..lol...
    02-04-11 02:45 PM