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    I installed Waze gps, and it automatically adds all the mp3 voice files for directions into my music library. How do I stop this? When I hide the folder they are in, the app doesn't work
    11-14-10 10:31 AM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    Remove the folder from the library...there is an option to do so under media...

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    11-14-10 10:33 AM
  3. darin3000's Avatar
    Where is that option? I don't seem to see it.
    11-14-10 10:52 AM
  4. shansmi's Avatar
    that's because i was wrong. that option is only there for pics. use a pc to see where the files are. maybe you can point the app to a different dir.
    11-14-10 03:17 PM
  5. darin3000's Avatar
    Anyone know how to do this? Sucks listening to a song, and then voice telling me to turn left.
    11-14-10 03:21 PM
  6. shansmi's Avatar
    I just told you what to do. Does Waze have to ability to see a custom folder?

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    11-14-10 03:47 PM
  7. darin3000's Avatar
    Dude...there are no options to tell media player where to get the music files from. BB automatically sets up a music folder. This is where my music is....

    The gps sound files are in another folder altogether.

    Why not try it before trying to answer with lame stuff like that.
    11-14-10 04:00 PM
  8. homer1475's Avatar
    Dude...there are no options to tell media player where to get the music files from. BB automatically sets up a music folder. This is where my music is....

    The gps sound files are in another folder altogether.

    Why not try it before trying to answer with lame stuff like that.
    Why not try to explain what it is your trying to do. From your first post you asked how to stop it form adding files to your media folder, answer was to delete the folder. I think what your trying to do will break the app if i understand you correctly. You want to stop the gps from even giving directions? If this is the case and you delete the folder the audio is in, I believe the app might not work at all. If I'm wrong then disregard everything i have said and explain in a little more detail what your trying to do.
    11-14-10 04:08 PM
  9. darin3000's Avatar
    I only want the media library to stop adding the gps mp3 files to my music library.
    11-14-10 04:13 PM
  10. ShadowFlame's Avatar
    I believe he is just trying to get the BB to ignore the sound files in the folder that the gps application uses, and in the media option there is no way to tell the device what folder to use for music so it will ignore other folders with sound files in them.. just like you can't tell it what folder to use for videos, as it lists every video it finds, it is kind of annoying really.
    11-14-10 04:14 PM
  11. homer1475's Avatar
    Unfortunately what your trying to do cant be done. Only way around it is if you could tell the app where to look for its mp3 files, you could then move the folder for its mp3's and it would stop playing the mp3's in your media player.

    Whats in your media library will play regardless of whether there not actual media files, like in your case directions in mp3 format.
    11-14-10 04:21 PM
  12. shansmi's Avatar
    not true. i have a special ringtone folder. they are not in my music. try or dont try what i said, mine are working. there is a music dir...you can figure out the rest.

    good luck
    11-14-10 04:24 PM
  13. homer1475's Avatar
    If in another folder, your correct they wont play. If just in the media library then they will play regardless of whether there actual mp3 music or in the Op's case gps directions.

    Least that's the way it works for me. I also have a ringtone folder in my media library which doesn't play because there in a separate folder. If i just put them in my media library thewy would play regardless.
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    11-14-10 04:28 PM
  14. darin3000's Avatar
    Sorry guys....but the mp3 files used by the gps are NOT in the music folder. They are in the apps directory under sound files. Media player still finds them and adds them to the music players list.
    11-14-10 04:32 PM
  15. homer1475's Avatar
    I'm at loss on this one. Anything I put in another folder the media player doesn't find as media on my device.
    11-14-10 04:35 PM
  16. shansmi's Avatar
    what os? 337 here...
    11-14-10 04:38 PM
  17. homer1475's Avatar
    .337 also, been that way since .141 for me.
    11-14-10 04:40 PM
  18. shansmi's Avatar
    same here but once i did import a dir and they all showed up... he says apps dir. dont have one of those either unless it is named after the app... sd card or storage under blackberry...
    11-14-10 04:51 PM
  19. kwong26's Avatar
    Also seem to be having the same problem with Waze sound files showing up in my media player when listening to music. Kind of funny when listening to music and suddenly hear "Turn left" in between songs. Tried looking for the "exclude folder" option from the media player, but that doesn't seem to exist anywhere in OS6.

    OP is right in that the Waze program installs mp3 files in either the media card or device depending on where you chose to select the files to be loaded to when Waze installed. For me, I installed my Waze mp3 files on the media card and it's located in the "/Media Card/Blackberry/Waze/sound/eng/" folder.

    I have my old 9000 Bold ringtones stored in the ringtones folder, so those don't show up in my media player (thankfully). However, these Waze sound files do. Tried looking at all sorts of options to make sure that the BB media player doesn't scan that folder, but no luck.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
    11-20-10 01:01 PM
  20. ShadowFlame's Avatar
    Yah it seems any music you put into any folder other than the built-in "ringtones" folder on the BB, the media player will find, and there isn't any option to tell the media player which folders to get music from so that it will ignore the others.. and that kind of sucks..

    i like to keep my data on my micro SD card, i made a folder called "ringtones" and put some mp3s in it and of course media player found them.. so i then moved the mp3s to the built in "ringtones" folder on the device and they no longer show up in media player.
    11-21-10 01:47 AM
  21. seesomak's Avatar
    So I was having the same problems like everyone else here but I think I may have found a solution.

    Use "Files" and go to the Waze directory. Highlight the Sounds directory, view properties and then check the "Hidden" box. Because the directory is now hidden, it won't show up in your Media library, but Waze should still be able to find the sounds in the directory because the files are still there.

    Let me know if this works for you.
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    11-23-10 07:04 PM
  22. kwong26's Avatar
    @seesomak - that suggestion works wonderfully for my media player. going to test out Waze tomorrow to see if it continues to work.
    11-27-10 11:04 PM