1. sonsw87's Avatar
    I just got my new torch today n was wondering about korean language input/read. i have searched alot for it but couldnt find much about it.. Plz help me out with this prob. Plus im a imac user n i cannot put in this stupid mini cd for user tool but i downloaded the bb desktop manager from the website. is tht all i need or is there any other softwear tht is handy/must?

    09-30-10 05:35 PM
  2. houserichichi's Avatar
    I have Korean input on my Bell Torch that I just received today. That and a couple flavours of Chinese. Now... I'm just waiting for Japanese :\
    09-30-10 07:09 PM
  3. 3G.BoldBerry's Avatar
    nice what version is your OS? is it multi language or east asian, thanks in advance.
    10-01-10 01:01 AM
  4. sonsw87's Avatar
    houserichichi// can u tell me how i can install korean input??

    10-01-10 01:32 AM
  5. houserichichi's Avatar
    It's strange, normally you can download the OS right off the blackberry site but given that the phone hasn't been out for more than a day yet the OS download isn't up. You should be able to download it from here but it's not on the list:


    I have 6.0 Bundle 695 (v., Platform I don't know if it's AllLang or EAsia yet (because this is the build that came pre-installed on the phone) but will hopefully find out later today.
    10-01-10 05:30 AM
  6. 24_se7en's Avatar
    download os with east asia pack. it has chinese, thai, korean and japanese included. you can download it somewhere in this forum.
    10-01-10 05:55 AM
  7. mitednut's Avatar
    I have recently downloaded the with the East asian pack. I can read Korean on it, but I am still dying to find out to type on it.
    Please help!
    11-03-10 01:47 PM
  8. ForceFed's Avatar
    All u need to do is connect to Desktop manager, then in applications on DM u will see input language, check Korean and install.
    11-03-10 02:02 PM
  9. knowledge_6's Avatar
    rogers has .246 east asian pack that's official.

    you can read and type (has the touch keyboard layout)

    11-03-10 02:15 PM
  10. 3G.BoldBerry's Avatar
    Should be able to input korean in the switch language if its not there then that means its only fonts support. Cause in indonesian I get the same thing too. There's no indo input text but the font support is fine. Hope that helps.

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    11-03-10 11:47 PM
  11. houserichichi's Avatar
    ... and in case you don't know: to switch input languages you either click the world icon on the virtual keyboard or press Alt+Enter on the physical one.... just saying
    11-04-10 06:37 AM
  12. sieberi's Avatar
    Try this... Connect your BB Torch to the BlackBerry Desktop manager. Click of applications. Scroll down until you see East Asian Characters and Fonts. Scroll down some more and you will see Korean. The Korean mark will have a + on the box. Click on it until it turns to x. Click apply. The Desktop Manager will install a touchscreen Korean keyboard. Then it will reboot the device and you should have a touch-screen Korean keyboard if you click on the world icon.
    11-08-10 08:41 PM