1. -Paradigm-'s Avatar
    Hey Everyone,

    Quick question, I received a new Torch as a replacement for my DOA one and I noticed it had a different keypad then my original one. The numbers/letters were bolder and it also had a yellowish LED behind it, as opposed to the blueish one I had before. Anyone know if a new batch has this changed keypad? It was a Mexico 5 the same as the one before. I just found this a bit weird.
    11-14-10 09:45 PM
  2. rjkolo's Avatar
    I got a replacement one just last week because my camera stopped auto focusing. Mine looks the same...
    11-14-10 10:04 PM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    was it mailed to you? probably refurbished unless you picked up a "NEW" one from the store.
    11-14-10 10:22 PM
  4. -Paradigm-'s Avatar
    Yes it was mailed to me but was NIB as it was within the 30 days, as well it had all factory sealed accessories, etc.
    11-15-10 12:46 PM