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    I need some help. I just got my BB Torch Red and all of my email address showed up on my home screen except my yahoo. I see the yahoo emails in my message folder. Can someone Help me.... please.....

    Also, Im trying to set up alerts for Facebook, Twitter, Etc and when I go to my profiles twitter is there and everything else except Facebook. Does any1 know why?

    Thanks for ur help!
    12-04-10 10:21 PM
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    I have the same problem with my Yahoo email, can't view folders on my phone and I'd really like to. Someone else asked a similar question last week and no one responded, so I'm guessing no one knows OR it isn't an option to view email folders.

    Facebook alerts aren't an option in my phone profiles either. Though I believe it has the same sound as my Twitter alerts do.
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    12-05-10 05:12 AM
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    This happened to me too. I found that it was hidden. I un-hid the icons and voila, there it was. Not sure if this is your problem, but worth a try. Good Luck!
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    12-05-10 06:11 AM
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    Thanks HMutt for ur respond. I appreciate that. I will keep trying

    OMG CurlMan YOU ARE THA BEST!!!!!!!!! I hit SHOW ALL and what do u kno. My Yahoo email folder pops right up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks AGAIN!!!
    12-05-10 08:23 AM
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    My pleasure.

    By the way, you should have no problems setting alerts for your social apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Open up your Profile (Normal, Loud, Etc) Press "Change Sounds and Alerts". Press "Sounds for Selected Profile". Press "Other Applications". Scroll down and you will find the applications you are looking for.

    Also, when in Facebook app on your Torch, open up the options and scroll to bottom. Make your Facebook notifications is checked. Hope that helps.
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    12-05-10 10:18 AM