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    I just recently upgraded from my 8310 to my Torch 9800, and so I've been redownloading all my favorite apps to the new phone. A really big one is jmirc for me, but I've been having issues getting it to work. I got it installed successfully with no problem, and I went in and set all the options to be the same as they were on my 8310 (and it did work on that phone), but it gives me the following error.

    Error trying to connect to IRC server, aborting... Exception: Invalid url parameter.

    The irc server is irc.darkmyst.org, which I connect to fine on my computer. In advanced Config I have it set to Use Socket Poll, and Detect UTF-8, with a Character Encoding of ISO-8859-1 (These were all the same options I had for the 8310. It didn't work at first on my old phone, but turning the Socket Poll option on made it work. I tried both ways this time, same-same.)

    HTTP proxy server is turned off (same as on the old phone), but I did try to use it too, but it failed as well.

    APN Settings are Enabled, APN of wap.cingular
    Dunno what the password is, as it was already loaded with these options on, so it's just stars there. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    what version of jmirc do you have ?

    It wouldnt work on mine on anything lower than 0.97 from the sourceforge site.

    under advanced config i set to Blackberry and it works fine.
    10-10-10 01:04 PM
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    i couldn't find version .97 on the site
    where do i get this version?
    10-10-10 01:42 PM
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    I'm on the sourceforge site too, and I only see 0.96. That's the newest version on there, and is the same version that is on my old blackberry, which worked fine. I don't see any links for .97
    10-10-10 05:14 PM
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    I found the beta 0.97 for jmirc. Direct link: http://jmirc.sf.net/beta/jmIrc.jad

    I deleted my old version, rebooted the device, downloaded this one. This one has an extra option in the advanced options. Change from Default to Blackberry, and it's now working! All's good.
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