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    Ok I have the following problems with the torch. If anyone can help with any of these items it would be greatly apprreciated. (BBT = Black Berry Torch)

    1. First off, I've loaded many mp3's onto the 16gb sd card in my BBT. I do not have time to go and edit the ID3 tags on my mp3's so they all look nice in the music app and sort properly. I have categories of music, amongst some albums. At anyrate the way I'm playing my files is by going through the "explore" option and navigating to the folder with my desired MP3's. Problem is that #1 it takes to long, and #2 At random times if I get a call or text and the music pauses, the player shuts down and doesn't appear in the "switch application" window and I have to navigate AGAIN through "explore" > "media card" etc.... over to the desired folder with the MP3's. SOOOO ANNOYING!!!

    2. WHAT THE HECK Is up with the automatic sorting of the videos. If I do not desire to have every video I ever took of my kids along with episodes of TV shows (from my sd card) to show up in one big blasted list it seems I have no choice!!! i.e. video of my kid next to episode of "the office". So then I end up having to go back to the "explore" option and looking at videos to avoid scrolling down an endless list!!! How can I keep videos from automatically showing up on the video app's play list? I only want videos that I record from the device to show up there.

    **what would solve my problem #1 would be if I could have a short cut to the folder. HOW CAN I MAKE A SHORTCUT TO A FOLDER??? Or am I just a power user out of luck....

    Thanks for any help anyone can lend

    03-16-11 08:15 PM
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    Unfortunately I don't know anything can be done about the sorting issues (I don't really sort my music on my torch, but I don't have a lot loaded on to it either), but you might want to try updating the OS on your phone to sort the issue of the music player closing.

    When I receive a call on my phone, my music player stays active regardless of the length of the call. I'm running the latest leaked os build, .486. If your phone isn't on at least the .448 build, update it and see if it helps.

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    03-16-11 08:41 PM
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    There's a "close media player when inactive" setting that allows you to set a duration. If your call is longer than the duration, the media player will close.
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    03-16-11 08:43 PM