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    Right seem to have this issue and dont know if its due to a 3rd party app or could be just the phone itself.

    Anyhow i have all my contacts synched through google synch so they have been synched over on my 9800.

    Now everytime i go to make a call and i end it or if i receive a call from my contacts...i get a pop up box asking me if i want to add this number...i use add to contacts app...from what i have read it works on the 9800, i had it on my 9700 and it worked perfectly fine.

    Anyhow ive also noticed that when i receive or make a call from my contacts, it always comes up with +44xxxx when all my contacts arent in that format....ive looked through my settings and in my sim card settings i have my number set as xxxx xxxx without the +44 starting.

    So im lost here as to why it keeps asking me to add numbers when i already have them in my contact list and why it keeps adding the +44 at the start when none of my numbers have that at the start of the phone number.

    So anyone know how to fix this problem??....is it add to contacts that causing an issue or what??

    EDIT: LOL nevermind i fixed it...changed my country code to unknown and all is well...before it was set at +44 which is the UK.
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