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    I set up 4 email accounts to be pushed to my 9800. It worked fine until I decided to remove one of the accounts yesterday. Removed fine, the email icon is gone, noticed that in Service Book there is no CICAL and CMIME entries of the removed account (unlike my old 8900, I just figured it differs because of OS6), thought that everything went okay.
    Today I noticed that if I go to Message, View Folder; there's 4 "inbox" with one of them referring to the deleted account. I want to remove the one unwanted inbox.
    Now I know that with previous versions of the Desktop software we can remove the unused inbox by going to the Backup/Restore function - click “Advanced” - select the “Folders” database and hit Clear.
    However DM (the one in the CD shipped with 9800 boxes) has different user interface. I figured that the way to remove unused inbox in this version of DM would be to go to "Device" - "Delete Data" - tick "Folders" and "Folder id". I backed up my device, do the abovementioned steps, disconnect the device, and resend my service book (battery pull + "Register Now" on Host Routing Table).
    After I did all this, turns out I ended up with no 'Inbox' and 'spam' folders at all when I check on "View Folder" in messages. I do however still have other folders (browser messages, facebook messages, mms inbox, mms outbox, etc.), but the 3 inbox folders for the 3 email accounts are gone. The email icons are still there in the home folder tho.
    I tried to send an email to one of my account and it pushed just fine to the device. Wonder if anyone know what did I do wrong and is there a way to bring back the 3 inbox folders?
    09-23-10 08:38 AM