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    I have both.

    Torch (or let's say the new BB models) have certain advantages, despite falling behind in processing power and variety of accessories.

    A few things that will bug anyone who uses iphone and used other phones (like BB or Android) before:

    iTunes with its strict rules: You can't sync your Iphone with Windows Media Player or any other players unless you tinker around (winamp + plugins and Media monkey)

    You can neither sync music via wifi in iPhone (or maybe I just havent' found a way yet) , while BB Torch can.

    You are limited to the same theme in iPhone (if you care), you can only change the background.

    You can't take the battery out or replace it in an iPhone, neither can add more flash memory to it.

    There are less frequent software updates to the iPhone (although it's pretty stable anyway).

    Did I mention, that you gotta do everything through iTunes? (Yes I hate iTunes).

    The push-technology on the iPhones are still not as great like on the BB Torch.

    The Torch has a better reception, better antenna. Yes I tested this, with having both phones with me, there were places where the Torch still had service, while the iPhone was displaying "no service".

    My messengers (including Gtalk) keeps logging me out on an iPhone and won't log me back in automatically when I go out of the service area, so I always have to check.

    This might be due, to the fact, that there is no real Gtalk messenger available for iPhone, unless you pay for an App, that supports it (iBuddy, Talkatone, etc) , still drops you off if you go out of service area, while the BB gets you right back in if you happen to go through a no-service place.

    Battery life is shorter on the iPhone4 ( I measured it)

    Despite the great number of apps, (and some of them are really great like Star Walk or 360 picture maker), there are so many scams and advertising, that you really have to look what you are installing and what is trying to gain the hold of your cell phone and email address. Some of them are very intrusive and I know for fact that they are trying to get my email address for marketing and to spam me with advertising.

    BB messenger is still the best messenger around on any smartphone. Gtalk comes close, but that only shines on the Android phones, while leaves the iPhones with no real dedicated, Apple-house made messenger service (Like Mac messenger?)

    So yeah, there are some clear advantages of having a BB, as long as you don't mind, that it's no retina display and you won't be able to play 3D games and there is no position based programs (like the star gazer programs), beside basic GPS and you don't want 300 apps installed on your phone.

    So yes, the Torch still fills in the role of being a phone, and a really good one if you ask me, and as long as you are not looking for much more, maybe a bit of being a music player and an excellent messenger phone.
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    there is a ton of videos on youtube comparing the speed of the 9800 to almost any other device in its class... i too currently have and iphone 4 i am happy with it speeds etc.. but my 9800 is in route via fedex as i type... after u jailbreak and iphone other than alot on hacked customizations n a app for anything the iphone et boring to me.. so i will be back here with the crackberry family i will put the iphone4 back in the box for a while,....
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    me too..i dont have even an idea for this..
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    i just received my Torch yesterday & i wasted no time in fiddling w/ the settings & transfering info over from my Bold, via the DM.

    1st & foremost, if any1 has preconceived perceptions of any other models or phone make, u need to compare apple to apple, cant quite compare apple to blackberry (pardon the pun). they're both built for different specifics.

    on the whole, the look & feel of the Torch looks a lil more sleek than all other blackberry models, despite its size, it's physically slightly slimmer than the Bold 9000. the interface & transitions may seem a lil rigid, but that's 1 of the many things i actually appreciate in the Torch.

    i was quite impressed by the definition & clarity of the screen when trying out the media player/video. but i guess the audio lacks the reverb & sound depth (perhaps due to the compact composition).

    camera taking clarity & the different setting available makes it a lot handier for amatuer photography, especially when travel journaling & sharing pics on social network mediums.

    i've all along been a fan of qwerty keypads, but it takes a little getting used to, on the touch screen keyboard. alternating between input languages is also very comprehensive, and is a breeze to make the selection. otherwise, the shortcut keys gives you the previous alternate input language. having the luxury of an on screen keyboard, there's literally no need of modifiying the physical keyboard.

    with just a few touches & tweaks on the settings via the easy accesses on the homepage, i'm really impressed that i didnt have to refer to the user guide at all.

    so far, i've yet to push the limits & punish the specs, to see how valid the ratings are, but this ive a feeling i wont be disappointed.
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