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    This problem exists on my Torch, both on .141 and .225

    Sometimes, and i haven't found a pattern yet, the speaker stops working; all you can hear when the phone rings is very faint crackling.

    Then after a while, and some reboots of the phone (no battery pull) the sound comes back, and stays ok.

    Now, I'm using my phone sometimes with a wired headphone. Sometimes after unplugging the headphone the audio stops, and comes back after plugging the headphones back in and immediately out.

    Sometimes it takes a reboot of the phone.

    I noticed these problems were more apparent when having audio apps installed (streaming radio, etc.)

    Anyone else having these problems?
    09-17-10 02:07 AM
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    Funny thing; when this happens, I have to slide open / slide close while playing a video. Haven't tried doing the same when playing just music, but all of the sudden the music played through the speaker again.

    So I think this can mean two things:
    * the flipping open / shut of the slider causes a loose contact to magically connect again
    * the official bb software somehow resets the audio output.

    Any other ideas? By the absence of comments I feel I'm the only one?

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    09-17-10 06:58 PM
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    I'm having the same problem on .337.

    I really hope its not the device. I haven't tried the slide up/down solution, but, I will now, when it happens again.
    11-28-10 03:10 PM
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    Well, sliding it SEEMS to fix it, but, it comes back. I'm not sure if it's related to some sort of magnetism in the slide - I can't imagine it's like a wire or anything. And, it's not like any speaker property is supposed to change with the slide. I am thinking it is the device ..... who knows .....

    Do you have pattern lock installed? i"ve isolated it's not related to the bluetooth being on or not, or smart wifi, as those seemed like it could have been culprits.

    This is VERY frustrating.....
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    11-28-10 03:14 PM