1. berry_black's Avatar
    Hello guys,

    Since yesterday I have a 9800. Before this I had a 9700.
    I have one question/problem.

    When I set up a call sometimes I hear an interference sound from the speaker. It is not always but sometimes. I didn't figure it out yet under what circumstances the problem occurs. But soimetime it is louder then another time, and sometime it isnt there at all.

    The sound I hear is like when you stand close to a radio and the speaker from the radio gives this zooming noise what comes from the radio signal from the telephone.

    So, the question is, anyone recognizes this problem or know what it is?

    (sorry for my bad English, my Dutch is much better :-))
    08-11-10 09:41 AM
  2. VeryBold's Avatar
    Not sure.
    The only thing close to this is sometimes in meetings, when someone's BlackBerry is "too close" to the speaker phone unit, we hear feedback from the speaker phone. (Whether the phone is being used or not.)
    I've never heard it on the BlackBerry, though.
    08-11-10 09:57 AM
  3. igottheshanks's Avatar

    I recently upgraded to the Torch, which I am really liking, but I have just recent;y noticed that I the same problem of hearing the interference on my bb speaker whilst talking on the phone.

    Found this on another forum:


    I'd like to know if it is normal that when I do a phone call when the BB Torch is only on screen mode(that means that the keyboard is hidden, closed) I have a huge interference a sort of "bzzzzzz" during my call.

    When during the call I open the keyboard...it disappears...

    Somebody has this problem?

    Should I change my Blackberry or is it normal?"

    This sums up my experience... any thoughts?
    02-04-11 11:03 PM