1. rinaldip's Avatar
    I was just wondering if anyone has this similar issue.
    When I pull the batter or have a reboot forced upon me, when the phone comes back up my icons are all in the wrong order, especially the Favourites.

    Not a big issue, just annoying.
    02-03-11 08:26 AM
  2. jcp007's Avatar
    This is a known issue which will hopefully be fixed with OS 6.1 that is rumored to appear in the T2 and then possibly the T1.
    02-03-11 02:32 PM
  3. pmccartney's Avatar
    My icons stay in the same place.
    @ jcp007 - What OS's is/was this a known issue.
    @rinaldip - What OS do you have...I'm guessing
    02-03-11 02:35 PM
  4. jcp007's Avatar
    OS .246. I should have clarified. I guess this has been fixed in one of the leaked OS versions.
    02-03-11 03:40 PM
  5. AcADIeN's Avatar
    the only app having problem in the favorite is the text message app, everything else seem to work fine.
    02-03-11 05:06 PM
  6. shansmi's Avatar
    The favorites tray has had this issue for a while but on the all tray they should stay put unless you install something or trigger a SB push where something new gets downloaded.
    02-03-11 06:16 PM