1. stealthfox's Avatar
    Well it sounds as if my speaker(s) are blown in my Torch. I've owned it since the first week of release last year and have had no issues, but just started noticing the blaring, muffled sound that blown speakers sound like. I don't really turn the volume up on the phone all the way for anything, including music.

    I think what really happened was my volume was turned up to 8 for my alarm. I think the alarm tone (Evolving dream) really beat the speakers to death.

    Anyone else have speaker issues? Any info on replacing them or where to get the parts, would be greatly appreciated.
    03-24-11 02:51 PM
  2. ViralTrojan's Avatar
    I just bought mine a couple of days now and yes they do sound muffled and if you increase the volume it's blaring, as compared to the 9700 & 9780 that I've owned before. All the ringtones I have from the previous BB's sound awful on it...

    Mine's built in Mexico 4...

    Where's yours?
    03-24-11 06:20 PM
  3. Asator's Avatar
    try doing a battery pull. this happened to me to where i all the sudden noticed my speakers sounding muffled, i noticed it in my notifications where they would sound different somehow and i didnt know why. also my camera sound sounded different and muffled as well. i came to the conclusion after hearing all my sounds being muffled, that something was obviously wrong so i battery pulled and it was back to normal. this happened to me on two different occasions as well and battery pulls worked both times.
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    03-24-11 11:16 PM
  4. ViralTrojan's Avatar
    Yep that did it. Forgot the most common remedy for BB's is the pull...

    Appreciate it..
    03-24-11 11:48 PM