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    I call T mobile last night so i could get to unlock my new blackberry 9800. But i got this email today.. WHAT COULD I DO KNOW???

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have received your SIM Unlock Request. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time because the given IMEI is shown as "Unknown" in our SIM Unlock Database.

    To ensure that we have the correct IMEI, please obtain the IMEI directly from the handset by pressing *#06#. Once this is obtained, please submit a new request including the information below:
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    10-18-10 09:28 AM
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    I am assuming that because the 9800 is an AT&T phone, and not offered by Tmobile, it will not appear in their database. You will only be able to get an unlock code from ATT,whcih will not give it to you unless you have been a customer for >90 days and are not under contract, or from a third party unlocker. I, personally, bought my unlock code for $0.99 on ebay, and it worked perfectly.
    10-18-10 10:56 AM