1. mgsn's Avatar
    i got my BB torch from STC in Saudi Arabia but i feel it low low quality material it made in HUNGARY 3
    also i feel one side of keyboard is lower than the other side, notification light not fully appear
    i back to 9700
    10-23-10 03:46 AM
  2. tezytan's Avatar
    u got the defect one i think which many people are talking about. Mine is in mexico!
    10-23-10 04:17 AM
  3. mgsn's Avatar
    But i get it from official seller
    10-23-10 04:28 AM
  4. Johnly's Avatar
    Torch is a tour touch. Skip it.
    10-23-10 04:31 AM
  5. ErnieH's Avatar
    Take it back and exchange it. Mine's made in "Mexico 5" and I can't find anything wrong with it at all.
    10-23-10 05:29 AM
  6. Janye's Avatar
    Bring it back. I am sure there is some kind of warranty or garuntee
    10-23-10 07:03 AM
  7. Username5300's Avatar
    Yeah I would take it back. I look at the build to see where it is from before I buy it. All 4 of my 9700 are Mexico4
    10-23-10 07:07 AM