1. clearwhitesky's Avatar
    Hi Guy,

    I'm so excited when I'm making a switch from 9520 to 9800 but another frustrating thing is that my new 9800 was not able to registered into BIS.

    I'm using the new China Mobile BIS plan and it is working fine when I'm using my 9520 O/S 5.0 (able to registered to HRT and get EDGE).

    When i pop-in my China Mobile BIS SIM into my new 9800 (carrier unlocked) running on O/S 6.0 i wasn't able to registered my device to blackberry network (keep showing edge instead of EDGE) and my HRT was empty.

    This is what i've tried:-

    1) Worried that Carrier network not O/S 6 ready - I've called up China Mobile and check if there is an issue using O/S 6 and they claim that they have user on O/S 6.0 in their network.

    2) Worried that Device issue - I've tried to reload multiple version of O/S 6.0 each time after Wiping device not still no luck.

    3) I've put in my Singapore Blackberry SIM into my 9800 and active Roaming Data but still I'm not able to get EDGE.

    4) I've tried "xandermac" method of copying service book (http://forums.crackberry.com/f209/un...ctions-513408/). I've followed the step and copy the service book from my 9520 to 9800 but i still unable to get EDGE appear.

    I will like to know if there is anyonr here using O/S 6.0 on china mobile network (be it China Mobile BIS or AutoRoam Data in China Mobile Network)? and if there is any kind dude able to provide some solution.

    As i''ve been trying for the past few hours.
    01-08-11 11:41 PM
  2. pbflash's Avatar
    Where did you get your Torch? If you bought it from someone else, you need to make sure they released the PIN from their carrier. You won't be able to register with BIS if the PIN is still registered on another carrier.
    01-09-11 10:57 AM