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    I am moving from the 9700 to the Torch on Tuesday via Rogers Canada. My question is when going to the new phone I obviously prefer to send all data on the 9700 and transfer everything to the new device. One of my concerns is all the apps I have paid for. Quickaunch, Berrybuzz, weatherbug elite......etc etc seeing as i paid for these i am concerned about losing them as the codes wont work in new device due to pin numbers not matching.
    do I just ask for new codes and give the new pin?
    Also I am giving the 9700 to my wife who will be adding her data from a 9000. So esentially I am switching and upgrading 2 devices here.
    how do I mirror this info from old device to new on without screwing up all my info? BBM contacts, Contacts, tasks, etc, pictures, music, and other info is on micro mini card as well.

    Any tricks/tips here folks? Thanks for your assistance.
    10-09-10 10:34 AM
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    For programs that require an activation code you will need to get a new one with your new PIN. You can go into the CrackBerry app store and change the pin associated with your account.

    To transfer stuff over you'll need to make a backup of your 9700 and her 9000. Then you will use that backup to transfer everything to your 9800 - do a security wipe on the 9700 and then transfer her data from the 9000.

    Now, you can use the device switch wizard for the 9000 to the 9700...but I'd suggest avoiding that for the 9800. Instead, choose to do a restore of the backup from your 9700 - there's a box you can check to select specific items to restore (rather than doing everything). There you can pick contacts, calendar, tasks, memos etc.

    Pictures/music etc. are stored on your internal memory and/or your microsd card. You can copy everything to Windows and then copy from Windows to the new phone. Alternatively, depending on the sizes of the cards, you could take your microsd out and put it in the new phone.

    For BBM just make sure you do a backup within BBM itself - there's remote backup which you will need to make sure it's set up properly. For safety purposes you can do a local backup and save the file to your MicroSD just in case.
    10-09-10 10:45 AM
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I see where to change my PIN with CB site when I get my new 9800. I have now backed up my device's BBM to the SD card so thats all done.

    Just a quick question about the backup for the 9700 to the 9800 if I simply just choose to back up everything In lieu of selecting a specific items will it back up all 3rd party applications from the 9700 as well? Or will i have to download them all again into the 9800? Also I have a 8 gig memory card in the 9700 now. Do I do the full backup using the desktop bb software, when complete, simply pull out the sd card from 9700 install into 9800 then restore the backup file to the 9800? its seems that is what to do but I want to make sure. Just never "upgraded" devices before and don't want to loose all the hard work I put into customizing it. This seems no diffrent than doing general work on the device like updating the OS or wiping phone and reinstalling the backup file but I just want to make sure and that I follow the right steps when going to the new device.
    10-09-10 11:14 AM
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    Some or all of the apps on the 9700 may not be compatible with the 9800. I would download and install them from the 9800. In some cases an updated version for the 9800 may not yet be available.

    I used the desktop software to switch from my 9000 to my 9800. I did not try to transfer any apps. Everything worked fine except a few contacts got lost for some reason. So I would recommend not clearing the old phone until you verify that all of your contacts made it to the 9800.
    10-09-10 11:27 AM
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    As the previous posters have mentioned, only do data when you transfer stuff over from your 9700 to the 9800. You should download and install each individual application (don't do it via Device Switch Wizard) and give it some time in between app installs so that if there's a problem, you can isolate which app caused it. Some of the apps will likely not be compatible with OS6 yet. My experience has been that if you install an incompatible app you will get the dreaded "BIS service loss" issue. I resolved that issue by immediately deleting the incompatible app and doing a battery pull. My BIS was able to connect again without having to wipe the device as other people have had to do.

    Good luck and enjoy your new Torch!
    10-09-10 11:43 AM
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    I ssitched from 9700 to 9800. What I did was make a backup of the 9700 just in case then hooked the 9800 and 9700 to my pc at the same time and did a device to devicd switch. I used DM 5 to do it as the disc from att just takes you to the dl link. Everything went fine. The apps that wojldnt work on the 9800 returned a message that they wouldn't work and wasn't transfered. After everthing was done it asks if want to wipe old device. Worked good for me.
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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-09-10 03:26 PM