1. jaxterz's Avatar
    I'm trying to sync music from my itunes onto my Torch and I'm using the Blackberry DM 6.0. On the music tab, it shows the "Artist" and then in brackets how many songs I have with that artist. It seems to only let me sync ALL of the artist's songs without letting me pick exactly which specific songs I want. If I only want one of their songs, I don't want to sync all 15 of their songs you know?
    11-06-10 05:22 PM
  2. j_fiore's Avatar
    I know exactly what you mean. I found that pretty annoying too! Anyways, my way around that was to create a playlist in itunes of all the songs I wanted to put on the torch and then sync that playlist. Dm recognizes the itunes playlists automatcally.

    When you want to add new songs, just update your playlist in itunes and then sync with dm.

    Obviously, the other way to do this is without desktop manager. Just drag and drop to your memory card (like a usb stick)

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    11-06-10 06:28 PM