1. Chas71's Avatar
    I don't want to remove my rss feeds, however I would like to remove my read rss items. I have looked through the options and searched help options and can't find a thing. Anybody know how this can be done?

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    08-22-10 09:31 PM
  2. satsumacon's Avatar
    I need this too. It's weird that it doesn't even show up as read or unread. Also, the date of the feed is updated each time the RSS is updated. It needs to keep the same date as when it was first retrieved. What the heck.
    08-26-10 11:31 PM
  3. urbanlegend's Avatar

    I like the functionality of the new Social Feeds app except for the fact that it doesn't mark articles as read, and I can't mark them as saved for later reference.

    Hopefully we'll get these in a later version.

    I can't seem to find another app that does all this. Just installed Viigo for Storm 2 so we'll see how that goes.

    10-16-10 09:37 AM