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    I am trying to get my mutiple gmail calendars to sync with my TORCH BB calendar. I do see that the first of my gmail calendars successfully does sync however the 3 others I have that on gmail calendar I have set up to share do not appear. I went to my google sync, and tried to select multiple calendars under Options, however, when I right click on OPTIONS nothing comes up. I suspect this may be the root of the problem; I have deleted and reloaded the google sync once already without any effect.

    Appreciate your help greatly, in advance.


    Problem Solved!! Added this in case it is helpful to anyone else; I did yet one more delete of the google sync software and then reloaded it again, but this time did not load the contacts as I had on the previous unsuccessful efforts; for reasons unknown, I was able to see all the calendar choices that I wanted; was able to sync them all, and problem is solved; I add this in case it is helpful to anyone else that runs into this issue...
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