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    The build quality is very very good on this and I am coming from a 9700, a BB that's known for its excellent qualities. I wasn't sure myself whether I was going to fully use all the touch screen features but can now honestly say that I'm hooked. See, here's the thing. I'm so used to using the keyboard / trackpad coming over from the 9700, but I have made a concerted effort to use just the touchscreen and trackpad. Doing this, I have found that it's completely changed the way that I look at the phone.

    In other words, I've pretended to myself that it doesn't have a keyboard at all, and I've managed to wean myself very quickly from having to slide that keyboard out for every other task. It's quite quick for web-browsing, reading emails and checking our Social Feeds. If I need the keyboard for a task where I *know* that it's appreciably faster, I can slide up the screen to access the keyboard...for messaging for example.

    See, even *that* is a perspective change. We CrackBerry addicts are so keyboard-centric that we think of it as sliding out the keyboard where in reality, given the relative thinness of the screen, you're actually sliding up the screen to uncover the keyboard. Semantics, maybe, but give the touchscreen a real chance and you'll never go back. I also read eBooks (both eReader and Kindle and MobiPocket) on my device and really really like the extra screen real estate. Plus the resolution is exactly right for this usage (and for general messaging) since RIM's not given into the temptation of packing in too many pixels per sq. mm. If I need a 900x(whatever) screen I'll use my computer.

    My daughter (shhh, don't tell her :-) ) is getting a Samsung touchscreen phone for her birthday. No QWERTY physical keyboard at all, and she couldn't be happier with the idea.

    Nice phone, the Torch. But as others have said, you'll have to make the decision yourself but I ain't going back to the Bold.

    12-28-10 02:02 PM
  2. tgellr's Avatar
    I am a similar user to yourself and find the Torch all that my 9000 was ( I thought I would never retire it! ) and much more. Once you get past the fact that changing from your everyday phone to something else will take time to feel as comfortable, you're in!
    12-28-10 02:54 PM
  3. webmeister's Avatar
    Yup. Too much angst and gnashing of teeth about the Torch. It really is a different type of messaging phone than anything else that RIM has come out with.

    If you think it's cool, buy it. Pretty simple. If you find you don't like it, sell it or bring it back!

    Buuuttttt, don't ask people on a Torch forum if you should take the plunge since the answer is kinda obvious.
    12-29-10 08:02 PM
  4. Blacklatino's Avatar
    A lot of the current 9800 owners also own 9700 and/or 9000 Blackberries. It's an awesome phone. The sooner I spent a little extra time using the two different keyboards, the more I enjoyed the Torch.
    12-29-10 09:06 PM
  5. Evan_O's Avatar
    I played with a Torch a bit and although I didn't choose it over my Bold, it would definitely be option #2.

    What Samsung touch are you getting her?

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    12-29-10 09:34 PM
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    I had the 9000 and 9700 and never though that a touchscreen would be a good idea but this phone is the best.
    Good virtual KB and also qwerty KB and a big screen

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    12-29-10 10:24 PM