1. Raistlin1's Avatar
    When I was on the official os and .214 anything I downloaded would appear there and stay there even if I moved them from the all screen.

    I went to .225 and noticed that if you move the icon from the home screen say into a folder it will be lost from the downloads tab.

    When I was on .214 I created a new folder in my all tab and called it downloads (stupid now that I think about it) and when I upgraded to .225 all my downloads appeared in that folder instead of my downloads tab.

    Any ideas on how to correctly use the downloads tab?

    09-15-10 09:36 AM
  2. SRWitty's Avatar
    There isn't, per say, a correct way to use the downloads tab. Its just a buffer, showing you the most recently downloaded items for quickuse. There is NO way to add items to the download tab, unless you download it.

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    09-15-10 09:13 PM